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Dr Gurpreet Singh
posted on: 15 Feb, 2022
3rd Account of Britishers INCORRECTLY & IGNORANTLY quoting the Gurus & Sikhs

A Rather early text from the previous two accounts. This one is from the British Medical Journals, published on 30th August 1845 !!


In the attached picture, it can be seen how an officer from the 1st European Light infantry, who is actually a medical Surgeon - Dr. W. L. McGregor, misinterprets the Gurus and their vision.

He states that the Gooroos had replaced one narcotic (Tobacco) with another (opium). THIS IS A FALSE CLAIM. The Gurus have always preached against any drugs of abuse and have strictly forbid Sikhs from consuming any intoxicants. 

In fact, Dr. McGregor himself acknowledges that there is a dispute and discrepancy between the Sikhs themselves (even to this date we have), that some of them are pro-opium, while others are against it. So claiming that the Gurus stated or implied anything, is a false opinion & an ignorant stand, which was common among the Britishers who were there in India to rule and ridicule anyways.

Anyhow, at least some diplomatic credit was given medically for the "Fine White Healthy Teeth" of the Sikhs and that it being "Universal" among all Sikhs.


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