Frequently Asked Questions

Sikh Scientists Network is a free platform for scientists from all fields to network together, although it is specially encouraging those from Sikh religion to come together.

It is really hard to meet scientists from Sikh religion and the whole purpose of this platform is to provide a unique environment and some free unique tools for scientists to utilise. It is hoped to spark new collaborations with and among the Sikh Scientists from across the world.

  1. In order to keep the platform free from spammers and fake profiles, we have employed a strict signup policy.
  2. Anyone with an institutional email (universities, companies, colleges, charities, etc) can easily join this platform for free.
  3. Institutional email is used to ensure that we are encouraging only credible professionals to join this platform, and in turn make it and keep it highly reputable and fruitful.
  4. Once you receive the activation link, you can complete the registration step and ALSO CHANGE YOUR PREFERRED EMAIL to a private email too, for all future logins and future correspondences. 
  5. Your institutional email is ONLY used to receive an activation link. It will not be used again ever, unless you decide to keep using it as your preferred email ID.


Note: All scientists, engineers, students, technicians, software professionals, social scientists, charity workers and literally anyone who would like to network with scientists from any particular fields of expertise, can join this platform. smiley

Anyone and everyone, no matter what field of science and technology they work in (including Management, IT, Business and just about anything). Although, we are specifically encouraging Sikhs in sciences to join, but the platform is inclusive for all professionals of any faith or orientation to join and network with and among the Sikh Scientists.

This platform will give you the perks of LinkedIn for collaboration, while also providing you the dynamics of Twitter or FB feed posts, with an edge of ResearchGate for brainstorming.

In addition to this, we have 5 unique tools for you to use:

a. Free Survey designs - You can design unlimited free surveys here and disseminate it to everyone in your target audience with a simple link. You can keep monitoring the progress of results with a simple 1-click EXCEL file download, where all your results will be compiled neatly question by question.

b. Fundraisers - You can post your fundraiser links from external organisations and advertise here for free to your scientific connections. This can not only fetch you the money you require, but may also get your potential collaborators or endorsements, to say the least.

c. Opportunities - You can create posts and boost it to your network connections, so that you can recruit great talents for your lab openings, startup companies, or just to get interns or volunteers.

d. Blogs - We all like to write blogs. But no mainstream social media website allows you to do it there along with your social media profile. BUT NOW YOU CAN DO IT HERE !!.

e. Interact 1-on-1 with public - For the first-time ever, we are introducing a new feature for the scientists, who like to help the public and interact with them, but also need the safety net of diligence and comfort. This new feature allows public to ask a question directly to you, without needing to log in or invading your profile privacy. The messages goes to your outbox tab and you can directly reply from there only once.


If you a public member and not registered with us, then please use the "Contact Us" form at the bottom of the page.

If you are a registered user, there are 3 ways to contact for any queries or issues:

  1. Contact Us form at the bottom of the page
  2. Search for the Admin's profile and send a direct message to the admin
  3. Use the "REPORT" button under the specific post, if thats your concern


We do not store any cookies on your devices. The smart algorithm recognises a browser using the cached identifiers, which easily gets removed & restored everytime you clear your browsing history.

Your personal data is encrypted and protected from any breach, by using the highest available cloud security. In fact, you have perfect control to allow or avoid any information that gets on your personal profile & available to both registered and non-registered users.

Apart from this, any activity you perform on this platform (such as posting links, writing blog contents and collecting survey responses), are completely under your own control. Therefore, you are the best judge and responsible authority for any content you interact with, that is in-line or off-line with the GDPR laws.

We have done our best efforts to make this platform complete secure, inaccessible to scammers & strictly professional. So we expect you to strive on your part too, towards achieving this.

Yes, the survey is highly encrypted at all ends, even with the admin and coders of our management teams.

So the survey responses (or results which you collect), is ONLY seen by the user who has launched the survey.

Any personal data you collect from your surveys is completely encrypted and cannot be seen by other user or the platform's management team.

The results are automatically decrypted into a neatly-compiled excel file, which can be downloaded only by the user who launched the survey. Therefore, the user is responsible to protect any GDPR-sensitive data they are collecting, and hold responsibility for its use & distribution.

Institutional email can be any official email from your work place, such as the company you work at or your college, school and university email IDs.

An example of Instituional Email ID is:

Once you receive the activation link in your institutional email, you can complete the rest of the registration process AND ALSO CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ID.

You will be asked to provide your "Preferred Email", where you can use your private email IDs like gmail, hotmail, etc. This will then become your primary email ID and you will no longer require your institutional email for anything on this platform.

However, you may also choose to keep your institutional email as your preferred email and use it. 

Please Note: We do NOT use your email IDs for anything. No spam emails or subscription content will be EVER posted to you. Your Email IDs are for you to login and use this platform, or connect with the ADMIN, in case you need some help with your profile.

To delete your profile, please contact the admin, either through personal message (if you are logged in as a registered user), or through the "Contact us" form here -->


The admin has the right tool, to securely crypt your profile and then delete it permanently from the system. 


Please note: You may not be able to re-register with the same "preferred email ID" and if you are facing any issues, then please contact the admin again.