Dr Gurpreet Singh
  • PhD, B.Engg, MRSC
  • Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Nuclear Waste UK
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Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa ji,

Waheguru ji ki Fateh ji.

I am a materials scientist working in the UK with the top tier university. My current project is to clean nuclear waste (particularly Uranium) from the legacy ponds at Nuclear Plants.

I was informed lately that I am presumable & probably the only Sikh Scientist (and also Amritdhari) working in the Nuclear industry's core research program as a full-time researcher. In fact, I really hope this is not the case, and I would love to be proven incorrect by someone who could help me meet another Sikh Scientist working in the nuclear research within the UK.

I have a diverse previous background with projects ranging from biotechnology to biomedical test devices, whereby I have worked on antibiotic peptides from Drosophila, to point of care devices with 2 successful clinical trial conducted over 2 years.

If you have a question about Sikhism or Science, I will be more than happy to answer it.

Always open to collaborate with others :)

Contact me to know more about me.