About Us

Sikh Scientists Network, as the name itself suggests, is a genuine and not-for-profit effort to bring together various scientists and science professionals from Sikh religion. Our mission is to highlight and fulfil the following objectives:

  • Create an online presence for the work and contributions of Sikh scientist by building a unified platform for all the Sikh and other  scientists to network actively.
  • Make Sikh youth and elders aware of the Sikh scientists, who are doing great things in the world, so that it can inspire, educate and motivate the Sikh community to be more scientifically oriented.
  • Create a platform with such a reach, that anyone can easily approach a science expert to ask a question, without facing any barriers, whatsoever.
  • Foster new collaborations and initiatives, both among and with the Sikh scientists, which will boost the presence of Sikh identity in the scientific world. This intends to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion, through the involvement of Sikh scientists.
  • Provide a platform to present a unanimous opinion of Sikhs in science, wherever required and necessary.


Note: This platform was initiated due to the generous grant provided by the Royal Scociety of Chemistry (RSC) from the Diversity and Inclusion Fund in May 2021. RSC recognises that Sikh Scientists in the UK's sciences, especially in chemistry, are representing a highly niche community and is also currently lacking a unified voice for themselves. Therefore, the aim of this grant was to motivate and encourage a step-forward to represent the Sikh community and strive to unify them onto one platform.