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posted on: 05 Feb, 2022

Dr. Amrit Kaur is inviting all Gurbani Scholars and linguistic experts (of Gurmukhi & Shahmukhi) to collaborate !!


Dr. Amrit Kaur has initiated a project with us at the SikhScientists Network, to start designing a dictionary in Gurmukhi for all the scientific words, that are not yet translated from modern scientific languages.

For this purpose, Dr. Kaur is inviting all Gurbani Scholars and linguistic experts, especially from Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi languages, to please collaborate her. This is an important project for our Sikh community and we can also create a big awareness in the Punjabi community worldwide.

Please reach out to Dr. Kaur directly at her profile here -->


For non-registered public members, you can still message directly to Dr. Kaur at the above link by using the "Ask Dr Amrit Kaur a Question". 

While, registered members can log in and add her to their connection, and also initiate a private chat on our platform.


Thank you