Dr Amrit Kaur
  • PhD
  • Member of Royal Society of Chemistry
  • CEO and Founder, Dr. Kaur Projects Ltd.
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Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh..

and Hello everyone!

Very little about me: 

I am an Amritdhari (baptized) female Sikh scientist, who holds a Ph.D. in material science and chemistry. I have experience working in a wide range of projects mainly based on water decontamination, battery waste recycling, drug delivery, COVID-19 testing analysis, and many more. As a scientist, I do believe to expand my expertise and skills to take part in new projects. My genuine intention while working on any research project is not just to pen down in a publication, but to seek the commercial aspect of it. Hence, I have hands-on experience working in commercial labs, upscaling the materials, top-down/bottom-up techniques, and understanding the mass production/launching of the product in the market. I find my projects successful when I find them practical enough to execute in the real world for the welfare of the humankind and environment. By the way, I am very interested in space science and research. 

I do get inspired everyday from the countless achievements by the Scientists throughout the world. However, my personal and deepest inspiration of acquiring hands-on in scientific projects as a scientist, developing curiosity and exploring the scientific world comes from 'Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’. Hereby, it might leave some of you in confusion, but I never find myself in juxtaposition in between science and religion. I look out for 'Science in Sikhism', not the other way around. Believe me, it works!

This is the much-needed platform not only for Sikhs, but other scientists out there to get connected and develop this progressive Scientific community.

Please feel free to connect to discuss more and collaborate. 

Thank you