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Dr Gurpreet Singh
posted on: 03 Feb, 2022
Find Noble Prize Documents for a Prize of £100 or $100

I am personally very excited to join this platform. It is unearthing hidden treasures of our Sikh Community & I have met more than 5 Sikh Scientists on this platform within 24 hours of joining. So, to see the power of this platform, I have the following offer (READ ON).


If you did NOT know this before, then I would like to share with all the Sikh Community that, BAWA KARTAR SINGH was the ONLY and FIRST Sikh Scientist who was was consulted by the Noble Prize committee. However, we know very little about his work achievements and his correspondance with the Noble Prize board.

If you would like to read a little about this great personality, follow this link -->


Therefore, I am personally offering £100 or $100 to anyone, who could chase up the Noble Prize organisation and extract hidden info about Bawa Kartar Singh and his works from them. Precisely I am looking for the copy of the correspondence letter from the Noble Prize Committee, Dr. Singh response to it and anything related to Dr. Singh's publications/prototypes that are held in universities and offices in India and abroad (£25 or $25 for this).

This is extremely important for our Sikh community as we have unsung heroes, who our youth and adults need to know about. I am using my Dasvand from my salary for this cause, while I myself is constantly chasing the Noble Prize Committee for this.

Feel free to contact me through chat message (if you are registered here) or as a public non-registered user, you can contact me here -

(Disclaimer: No prize money offered for any info that can be found already on internet and published by others)