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Jasmit Singh
posted on: 14 Feb, 2022
The first KAUR (supposedly) to study Medicine in 1899

Well, who could have guessed that Sikhs were into medicine & research as early as 1800's


In my recent research of the medical journals, I have tried looking for the Sikh women who were into professional degrees and careers.

My research brings me to the first-ever documented piece of published literature in the British Medical Journal, on the 1st of Feb, 1902.

The article was written with the title "Is The Lady Doctor A Failure" and argued that the American University of Chicago (called as the North-Western Women's Medical College) has recently decided in 1902 to close down the department, as women were allegedly considered to be a "Failure" and also not "keen" to get into medical research.

Nonetheless, our interest lies with the fact that, there was a KAUR in the Batch of 1899, of a College department for women which started in 1840's and the first woman to have graduated from there was Miss Elizabeth Blackwell in 1849.

Almost 50 years later in 1899, our first Sikh woman to be studying there was none other than Princess SOPHIE BAMBA DHULEEP SINGH, daughter of the Maharajah of Lahore, India. However, unfortunately due to the decision of the College to close down their department, Princess Sophie Bamba Dhuleep Singh, along with 70 other women doctor students, moved to Toronto's Women's Medical College. Princess Sophie Singh was approx 32 years old by this time (Born in 1869) and could be seen sitting on the left side of this picture. The other 3 children, were her siblings, about whom you can read in the picture source link provided below.


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