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posted on: 13 Jan, 2023
Designing a new Palki Sahib concept

A new palki sahib concept project is underway



We at SikhScientists Network are interested to counter the beadbi of the Guru Maharaaj's saroops, especially due to the ease at which the culprits can lay their hands on Maharaaj.

While also countering this, we are interested to add some much needed features that also cater's the following issues of the Sikh Panth through the Palki Sahib use:

  1. Golak Chori - We intend to integrate coin and note-sorting machines into the Golaks. This will not just save time every time for counting and sorting the currencies, but will also keep a tab on the Golak funds that go into the box. This will have online interface which can give a total of what went in and when was a golak emptied/fiddled with. Hope this will help to solve the committee fights.
  2. Chaandni Changing - Chaandni or the over-top fabric is not always changed due to the difficulty of the whole procedure involved in it. Most chaandnis are tied with ropes in most Gurudwaras. This is a very rudimentary practice in age of mechanical marvels, let alone hydraulics. So we propose to create an easily retractable chaaandni platform, so that a person or max 2 can easily change the Chaandni often without needing ladders, supports or any special tools. 
  3. Side tables - Most Gurudwaras put heavy side tables which are often not cleaned and remain there for ages. Not many sevadaars are keen to move them aside and clean the carpet/floor underneath. So we are planning for retractable side tables that can serve as both storages & side tables, while can be retracted back into the Palki Sahib for effective cleaning.
  4. A LED & camera - While it is not a requirement, but wouldn't it be nice for the Sangat sitting down to have the actual Darshan of the Guru Granth Sahib ji, every time Gyani ji takes a Hukamnaama ? With this thought in mind, we plan to bring this feature with an LED screen display in the front/on side TV's with a easy 1 switch camera on/off function button installed within easy reach of the speaker.
  5. Emergency lights, artistic lights & Intercom feature - While it is not required in the west so often, but other countries are known for power cuts. It would be acceptable generally to put a torch or Lantern in India for the Pathis to use during Akhand Path sahib when the power goes out, but we are thinking of automatic battery backup. Also artistic lights can give Palki a more impressive outlook, as opposed to external christmas light leads which we install currently around the palki. Finally, the intercom feature is just for emergencies in case there is nobody in the Darbar sahib and the Paathi needs to alert or call for assistance to someone sitting somewhere else in the building.
  6. A glass chamber - Before it offends you, this is just a concept and we would take Akaal Takht's permission & Sangat's feedback before even producing a prototype. For now, we are developing a CAD design with an unbreakable glass chamber around the Peeda Sahib which will act as a safety enclosure around the whole Singhaasan of maharaj. This can be operated with a passcode keypad, or a fingerprint sensor of registered members who can do paath. The whole motivation is that no illicit minds can lay their hand on Maharaaj in absence of a Granthi or Sangat. No body can cause any damage to the Saroops !!
  7. Shashter display platform - An inclined platform that can act as a storage and also for displaying shashters for more aesthetic look.


The attached photo is the design in progress and it will be hopefully completed by the summer. We require CAD modellers and other artists who can work on this. So far, our 5 founders have invested their Dasvand to fund this from their pockets. But no sewa can be complete without Sangat's support and acceptance.

So please provide us with your feedbacks and help us design a palki concept.

ALSO NOTE - We are NOT going to open a company and sell the palki's to make millions of dollars. We will happily give the design open-source & let sangat modify and make their own Palki's using this. We will definitely make 1 or 2 models and donate to Gurudwaras around the UK.